JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" provides grain pre-treatment and storage services
We are working since 1944

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" services


JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" is able to simultaneously store 55,000 tons of grain - rape, wheat, rye. In grain elevator are available the following services:

✔ Grain acceptance - during the season runs three technological lines, allowing to quickly and qualitatively to accept grain from customers, as well as we offer acceptance by railway wagons.

✔ Grain drying takes place in three independent grain dryers with a total capacity of 120 tons of grain per hour. Grain storage in silos with ventilation systems and thermal control.

✔ Grain reloading - we offer grain reloading in railway wagons and road transport.


  • JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" manufactured rye flour has been awarded "Green spoon", because the basic raw material - rye grains are purchased from Latvian farms and co-operatives, with which we have established a good and long-term cooperation.

  • n 2010 we started production of organic flour (rye fine, pearled flour and husked grains).

  • Rye flour to clients are offered in 50 kg polypropylene bags and in bulk.

  • In addition to rye flour are produced husked and split rye grains, which are more used in grain bread.

Rye fine flour

Rye fine flour

 700.type - fine grind flour, which are mainly used in sweet and sour bread baking. The flour has white hue.

Pearled rye flour

Pearled rye flour

1370 type - average grind flour, which are mainly used for shape bread and seed bread baking. The flour has gray hue with visible shell particles.

Rye coarse meal

Rye coarse flour

1740.type - coarse grind flour, where is grinded almost 100% whole grain, so in them remain all kind of existing valuable substances. Flour is gray, with explicit shell particles. These flour is used for clone bread baking.