Grain and flour

Grain purchase

Grain purchase

 We carry out rye and organic rye grain buying and selling.

Grain processing

Grain processing

We produce rye flour, rye husked and chopped grain.

Grain storage

Grain storage

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" provides grain pre-treatment and storage services

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" - a company with a rich history and future plans

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" has its roots in 1944, when was established the Union-wide union "Centrozagotzerno" Jelgava point. Over the years the company names and affiliation has changed:


Union-wide union "Centrozagotzerno" Jelgava point


Union-wide "Centrozagotzerno" Latvian Republican office Jelgava supply point


Latvian Republican office "Zagotzerno" Jelgava supply main point


"Zagotzerno" Union-wide union Latvian Republican office Jelgava supply main point


Grain product administration Jelgava acceptance point


Jelgavas grain product factory


State company "Jelgavas Dzirnavnieks"


Jelgava municipal company "Jelgavas Dzirnavnieks"

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" was founded on July 21, 1994.
The company's business activities are:

  • grain purchase,
  • grain processing,
  • grain storage.

We are constantly investing in the company to ensure an orderly and advanced production equipment and auxiliary premises according to the set standards.

Thanks to EU funds co-financing

✔  in 2004 began to operate the elevator for 15,000 tons grain storage but

✔  in 2008, we commissioned the elevator for 22,000 tons grain storage.

✔  In 2010, attracting EU funds co-financing, to the rye grain elevator built in 1987 we installed a new grain ventilation system, as well as carried out grain storage complex automation. Overall, in the company has been invested around 7 million EUR.


We carry out rye and organic rye grain buying and selling. Mill. Elevator

For grain suppliers

 JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" carries out rye including organic grain procurement and storage. For more information on issues of primary processing service pricing and quality requirements you can get by contacting:

Solvita Druseika

Head of the laboratory


+371 22 005 313


For bakers and confectioners offers rye and organic rye flour

For bakers and confectioners

JSC "Jelgavas dzirnavas" offers rye and organic rye flour (fine or 700 type, pearled or 1370 type, coarse or 1740 type), shelled and chopped grain. For more information on all matters of flour specifications, prices and supplies can get by contacting: